AAtlas Medical Center Stafflthough our team is very good at helping to reduce your overall pain, our primary goal is NOT to just get you out of pain. Our primary goal is to focus on restoring your overall function to increase your quality of life. You will enjoy our unique approach to achieving your desired results with our staff medical doctor, nurse practitioners, and chiropractors.

Our physicians and staff believe that educating our patients is just as important as improving their health. Helping you understand your health condition, how it progressed to its current state, and how appropriate treatment will help correct it, is an integral part of the healing process and should not be overlooked. To do this, we may use video, anatomical models, computer imaging, and instructional classes designed to help you “see” your current health condition. Research strongly supports this approach and has shown that patients who understand the full nature of their condition heal more quickly, with fewer relapses, than those who do not.